Welcome to the photo gallery of ants from all over the world

In this gallery you can see macro photos of ants from all over the world. There are some Polish species like Lasius niger, Formica sp., Manica rubida, Monomorium pharaonis, Myrmica sp., Polyergus rufescens… and egzotic ones – Atta, Acromyrmex, Aphaenogaster, Camponotus, Crematogaster, Harpegnathos, Messor, Pheidole, Polyrhachis and many, many more.


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 – Every ant was alive and wasn’t harmed during photo session.

  • All (160)
  • Africa (29)
  • Asia (57)
  • Australia (13)
  • Europe (54)
  • North America (32)
  • Poland (29)
  • South America (22)

Unfortunately, this is the end 🙁 But the gallery is constantly growing 🙂

I invite you again 🙂

And if you haven’t seen the ant portraits up close, be sure to visit the portrait gallery 😀 😀