About me

nullMy name is Kamil Stajniak and I am a insect macro photographer. I have been passionate about animals, especially the smallest ones, such as insects and spiders, since childhood. I grew up in the countryside near Sandomierz in Poland, where I had contact with nature from a very young age. My naturalist attitude developed early on, and the natural world became my number one priority (of course, after my family).

I have always been interested in insects, and I ejoyed observing and breeding them. I can see their beauty where others only see repulsive “bugs.” Many people fear insects, even those captured in photographs. They evoke fear or disgust, which I completely don’t understand. After all, they are so “cute” 🙂. I try to change such prejudices and show that these tiny creatures are worth our attention. I want to reveal the beauty of what is unseen, what escapes us, and what is mostly accessible only to entomologists. The beauty and perfection of the microenvironment are fascinating—the diversity of shapes, colors, and behaviors are indescribable. It must be seen with our own eyes to be appreciated.

This is my “mission” – to show what we don’t see, to show the perfection of the microscopic world. A world that many people avoid because they simply don’t understand it. We love small dogs, cats, or rabbits. We have been raised that way – cartoons, stuffed animals, TV commercials – all shape our often mistaken perception of nature. It limits us, puts blinders on us, closes us off to what may be small but still underappreciated creatures. Many people are unaware of what the real world of animals looks like. It is filled with a struggle for survival, constant competition, planning, forecasting, skill improvement, and continuous metamorphosis over millions of years. Small insects, spiders, seemingly insignificant, yet so similar to us – Homo sapiens.

In my photos, I try to lift the veil on the mystery of this underestimated realm of nature. I don’t limit myself to just taking photographs. I try to infect my children and their peers with a passion for ants. I willingly conduct workshops at schools because my goal is to promote the knowledge I have gained and share it with everyone. I talk about these so-called “bugs” to the youngest knowledge seekers, trying to make them sensitive to this beauty. I present various photographs (the images are impressive due to significant enlargement of the models), talk about ants, and showcase live specimens. Honestly, I am surprised by the interest in what I have to share. It turns out there may be more people like me; you just need to point them in the right direction.