Let's see the ant world through the macro lens!

Rrytidoponera metallica

I invite you on a journey to the macro world of the ants. It’s a fantastic universe, which is passed by every day, and not enough attention is paid to it. It’s a world of the opposites -full of love and aggression, sacrifice and selfishness, competition and cooperation. World of ruthless killers, farmers and aphid herders. This is a world full of surprise and delight at every turn.

Camponotus castaneus

Ant macrophotography is a very interesting topic. Their shape and color richness is amazing. These incredible insects can be found worldwide, except Antarctica. Nearly 14’000 species have been described so far, and new ones are discovered every year, so there is still plenty of them to photograph.

Iridomyrmex purpureus

Experience this wonderful world with me, visit the gallery and see their unique heads on extreme macro shots.