About me

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My name is Kamil Stajniak and I’m from Poland. I’m interested in insects since I was a child. I bought my first camera in 2012 and since then I have been exploring the secrets of macro photography.

I photograph both outside in daylight and in the studio using flash lamps. I’ve shown interest in ants in 2018. I was fascinated with their unique look and behavior. When we take a closer look at ants, it turns out, that they are not only black and red, but really colorful. In my photos I want to show you this incredible world of shapes and colors.


Most of the equipment I use in photography I made myself. Macro photography is a field of photography where there are no ready solutions. Camera and lens are not enough to take good photos, a lot of times you need to use something else. Often when you know you need something and there is no such thing on the market you have to create it yourself. That’s how I created my photographic workshop. I constantly change and improve something to make my work easier. You can see the current look of my workshop in the pictures.


I would like to thank everybody, who helped me in developing my passion, which was possible thanks to people, who get ants from all over the world for me. Because of that I can create my ant portraits. If you would also want to help me in getting new kinds of ants, please contact me.

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